LearnLaunch is a new program at MCE for students with a startup idea and aspirations to gain the skills to launch it. Spanning across 12 weeks every semester, LearnLaunch helps students transform their initial startup ideas into actionable and validated business ventures.

Prerequisites for admission:

  • A novel startup idea that you are passionate about;
  • Some preliminary market research and/or competitive analysis that demonstrates that there is a market for your startup (if you are unsure how to do this, please contact one of Startup Coaches for help.)

Program Components:

  • MCE Startup School - a weekly skill development program that equips students with the skills and experience to validate and launch their startup. Content includes curated readings and videos that introduces and elaborates on the nuances of startup creation, challenges, strategies, and case studies, as well as guest speakers from the entrepreneurship community.
  • Peer Coaching - a weekly group coaching session for program participants - a safe place for students to gather, share, and learn together. Students will update peers on their weekly progress, discussion challenges and brainstorm solutions collaboratively, and provide feedback and alternative viewpoints to fellow participants. 
  • Mentorship - LearnLaunch participants may also book one-on-one sessions with MCE’s team of coaches and entrepreneurs-in-residence as frequently as they would like. Receive personalized advice, industry insights, and guidance tailored to your startup’s unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Full access to MCE’s co-working space, a conducive environment for brainstorming, networking, and collaboration. 

The expected time commitment from students is 3-4 hours per week.

Students who attend at least 80% of the Startup School and Peer Coaching meetings will be considered to have completed the program and receive an Award of $1,000.