Disruptive Thinkers Club

Join MCE’s Disruptive Thinkers Club

The Disruptive Thinkers Club is MCE’s entrepreneurial skills training program. It runs for 8 weeks each semester, and is geared towards giving students the skills required to problem solve and tackle real-world challenges. We focus on the core base skills required to help students start their own business, or to become an entrepreneurial thinker in their chosen field.

Please note that you do NOT need to have a business idea to enroll in this program, and you do not even need to be an aspiring entrepreneur. You only need to have the desire to grow and solve problems.  


Each week, we will send you one article or one video to review (no more than 15 minutes) about a particular topic or skill. You will then participate in a 1-hour workshop with your peers in the program. This runs once a week for 8 weeks. Each week focuses on a different skill related to entrepreneurial mindset.

Individuals who complete the program (i.e. attend a minimum of 6 of the 8 sessions) will receive a certificate of completion.

Any student who completes the Disruptive Thinkers Club and has a business idea they’d like to explore upon completion of the program is eligible for MCE’s Experience Ventures program, which gives the student a $525 honorarium to focus 40 hours of their time on further exploring and validating their idea.


The Disruptive Thinkers Club is for any Memorial University student who wants to lead and drive change. The skills you will develop can be applied to any career, be you an aspiring entrepreneur, intrapreneur, public servant, or even an academic.

The time commitment is a maximum of 90 minutes a week for 8 weeks. We will wrap up before the push for final exams and papers.

Graduates of the DTC program are strongly considered for MCE’s other programming, such as Entrepreneurial Work Terms/Internships, Entrepreneurial Externships, Experience Ventures, or even part time roles with the MCE.


Simply fill out the application form with some personal details and a brief explanation as to why you want to join. Please note that spaces in the club are limited, and we are seeking a highly diverse cohort each semester.