Poster guidelines

  • A “poster” refers to any temporary poster, notice or advertisement that announces university-related activities or events, or conveys information about university-related organizations, or serves a similar purpose.

  • Posters may only be attached to bulletin boards. Posters are never allowed in stairwells or on exit/entry doors.

  • The university reserves the right to remove any poster at any time.

  • As with all activities, posters must comply with Memorial University’s policies and procedures, which include (but are not limited to) the Student Code of Conduct, the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Policy, the Respectful Workplace Policy and, where appropriate, the Procedure for Alcohol-related Advertising. Any poster deemed to be in violation of any university policy or procedure, or which is deemed to be non-university related, will be removed immediately.

  • If you have a concern that a poster does not comply with university policies, please contact the Director of Student Life where your concern will be received and actioned as appropriate.