British and European History

Graduate Studies in British and European History (Hungarian Parliament, Budapest © Stephan Curtis)

The Department of History at Memorial University provides opportunities for masters level work in British and Continental European history and for PhD research in those areas.

We have specialists in British and British imperial history, and in Scandinavian and German history.

Research topics of particular interest to history faculty at Memorial University include:

  • gender in medieval, early modern and modern periods
  • urban and family history
  • class and labour history
  • medical history
  • the recent history of nationalism in eastern Europe
  • the colonial period and decolonization in eastern Africa

Europeanists contribute to the methods and historiography parts of the Masters of Arts (MA) program and maintain a strong interest in new historical approaches.

An extremely rich book collection in the Queen Elizabeth II library is strong in sources for the modern period.

Subscriptions to electronic data-bases make digitized primary documents such as Parliamentary Papers available to students, while unique primary collections of labour, maritime and social history materials are to be found on campus.