Graduate Students

Ph.D Candidates

Allison Bennett

M.A. (History), Memorial University, 2014

Research Interests: War and Society; Gender History; History of Medicine; Holocaust Studies

Current Research: My research will focus on soldiers of the British Army who contracted venereal disease while serving in the Middle East during the First World War. I will primarily consider conceptions of "masculinity"; the contexts of soldiers' sexual encounters and "race"; and how contracting venereal disease influenced soldiers' pensions and their place in post-war society.

Supervisor:Dr. Justin Fantauzzo

Mariah Cooper

B.A. History, Trent University, 2014
B.Ed., Queen's University, 2016
M.A., History, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2017

Research Interests: Medieval women's history and gender studies; medieval memory construction; medieval literature

Current Research: Examining fourteenth-century courtly romances' representations of elite women and comparing them to the rights and positions of similar real-life noblewomen in French and English societies. Through a combined examination of legal, conduct and religious texts as well as the lives of extraordinary women, my research objectives are to expose the hidden truths about medieval female identities embedded within these presumed fictional tales.

Co-Supervisors:Dr. Sébastien Rossignol and Dr. John Geck

Gene Long

M.A. History, Memorial University, 1993

Current Interests: Archival framing of the Labrador Boundary Decision of 1927.

Supervisor:Dr. Sean Cadigan

Christopher Reid

M.A. History, Memorial University, 2014

Research Interests: First World War; British Empire at War; War & Society; Newfoundland History.

Current Project: Islands at War: First World War Experience and Memory in Britain's Atlantic Realm, 1914-1939. My research will analyze soldiers' experiences of the First World War and their collective memorization of the war within three, war-raised battalions from Newfoundland, the British West Indies, and Northern Ireland.

Supervisor:Dr. Justin Fantauzzo

Thi Phan

BA Oriental Studies, Ho Chi Minh University, Vietnam
MA Indian History, Centre of Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Research Interests: Indian Ocean maritime trade pre-modern era, Asian port towns in the pre-modern era, medieval India, Indo-Vietnam relations

Current Research: Comparative history of the ports of Surat (India) and Hoian (Vietnam) in the early modern period.

Supervisor:Dr. Neil Kennedy

Norman B. Potter

B.A. History, Mount Royal University, 2016

Research Interests: American cultural history, Mexican-American relations, borderlands, Canadian cultural history

Current Research: Popular construction of the Calgary Stampede.

Supervisor:Dr. Dominique Brégent-Heald

Sanaz Safari

M.Sc. (Historical Archaeology), Art University of Isfahan, 2014

Research Interests: Median dynasty; Achaemenid Empire; Sasanian Empire; Parthian Empire; Ancient Greece; Decorations Related to Columned Halls; Interdisciplinary research in Computer Science and Archaeology; Ancient Rome; Mesopotamia; Examine Religion in different cultures in ancient times; Urartian columned halls; Elamite civilization’s religion; Examine ancient products and their effects from different civilizations; Anthropology in ancient times; Archaeology of Mediterranean; World Archaeology

Current Research:

Supervisor: Dr. Marica Cassis

Michael R. Westcott

M.A. History, Memorial University, 2013

Research Interests: Newfoundland and Labrador History; Canadian History; Military History; War and Society.

Current Research:Transforming Citizenship in a British Dominion at War: Gender, Class, and Race in the Newfoundland Home Front, 1914-1918. My primary area of interest is the impact that social, economic, and military mobilization during the First World War had on people in the home front. My current research focuses on the relationship between changing wartime ideals of gender, ethnicity, and class, and concepts of citizenship in Newfoundland and Labrador during the First World War.

Supervisor:Dr. Sean Cadigan

M.A. Candidates

Margo Connors-Stack

Research Interests: Gender and Politics in St John's, Newfoundland.

Supervisor: Professor Terry Bishop-Stirling

Ali Elawaj

B.A., University of Elergib, Libya, 2007

Graduate Diploma, Tripoli University, 2008

Current Interests: Islamic-Christian relations in the Medieval Period.

Supervisor:Dr. Marica Cassis

Andrew Eng

B.A. History, University of Lethbridge, 2016

Research Interests: Athenian Hegemony; Athenian Rhetoric; Greek
Literature; Gender and Religion; Late Antiquity

Current Research: Examining the relationship between aristocratic women and Christianity during Late Antiquity.

Supervisor: Dr. Marica Cassis

Donovan Fifield

B.A. History, University of Connecticut, 2017

Research Interests: Early American History, Maritime History, Early Modern Political Economy

Current Project: My research will focus on the effect of mercantile credit relations on the development of financial systems and institutions in New England. Included in this investigation are the effects of the emergence of dominant firms and the experience of maritime laborers.

Supervisor: Dr. Neil Kennedy

Jeremy Gillam

B.A. English Major, History Minor, MUN

Research Interests: Twentieth century imperial and military history.

Current Research: British public opinion and press views of the prospect of Egyptian independence, 1919-1925.

Supervisor: Dr. Justin Fantauzzo

Corinne Graffin

Licence in History (Université Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis)

Research Interests: Early Medieval European history, family history.

Current Research: Environment and Urbanization history during the Early Middle Ages in Merovingian and Carolingian periods and areas.

Supervisor: Dr. Sébastien Rossignol

Anna Grzybowski

B.A. (Hons) History; Missouri State University

Research Interests: Medieval Europe, Central Europe, anti-Judaism, community development in Early Middle Ages.

Current Research:Environment and Urbanization history during the Early Middle Ages in Merovingian and Carolingian periods and areas.

Supervisor: Dr. Sébastien Rossignol

Sarah Hall

B.A. History. Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Alberta Augustana Faculty

Research Interests: Canadian history, Women's history, Gender and Sexuality, and Crime.

Current Research: My paper will focus on the experiences of female criminals in the Canadian justice system prior to the 1920s.

Supervisor:Dr. Kurt Korneski

Sarah Hannon

B.A History (Hons.) Memorial University, 2017

Research Interests: Slavery and Emancipation; Strategies of resistance; 19th-century Bermuda and the Caribbean

Current Research: I am currently engaged in an analysis of early 19th-century Bermudian legal and political documents, from which I hope to draw conclusions about the nature of slavery and freedom for black Bermudians in this period.

Supervisor:Dr. Neil Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy

B.A. History/English, Memorial University, 2016.  B.Ed., Memorial University, 2017

Research Interests: American History, Film/ Television History, Women's History, Pop Culture, and history of the Holocaust.

Current Research:
Looking at the portrayal of women in American television and the relations these images had to the societal evolution of women in the United States in the mid to late 20th century.

Supervisor: Dr. Dominique Brégent-Heald

Stewart Lawrence

B.A. in History, Sam Houston State University, 2018

Research Interests:
Social History, Swedish History, Modern French History, Second World War, Propaganda

Current Research: My current research treats the role of alcohol consumption in the formation of a working-class identity in late nineteenth century Sweden, with an emphasis on Sweden’s major industrial centres and cities.

Supervisor: Dr. Stephan Curtis

Nigel Markham

B.A., Memorial University, 1985

Current Interests: Labrador Inuit at the Chicago World's Fair 1893

Supervisor:Dr. Kurt Korneski

Katie O'Brien

B.A(hons), B.Ed, DITE, Memorial University

Research Interests: Canadian History, Indigenous History and Environmental History

Current Research: My research will focus on the Government's response to the Mercury pollution, discovered in the late 1960s, that continues to devastate the community of Grassy Narrows. Specifically, I will be looking at the policies and procedures implemented by the Government and their impact on the community.

Supervisor: Dr. John Sandlos

Cynthia Power

B.A. History, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2017.

Research Interests: Maritime History, Newfoundland History, Seafarers, Literacy

Current Project: “Signing On: Literacy and Work in Newfoundland 1860 – 1930.” I am investigating seafarer’s literacy in nineteenth and twentieth century Newfoundland in a study that will encompass how literacy was acquired and how it interplayed with the competencies necessary to make a living by and from the sea. Study of the Newfoundland case has profoundly challenged the literacy/orality binary. Therefore, my work will consider the relationship of knowledge and practical and textual efficacy in the context of our changed understanding of what constitutes literacy. Further, I will examine the influence of literacy on patterns of social and geographic mobility, and explore the interplay of household and community relations with seafarer’s working lives. The stories of those “working men who got wet” (Alexander) contained in the Crew Agreements housed at MUN’s Maritime History Archive are central to my study of the maritime economy and society of colonial Newfoundland.

Supervisor:Dr. Valerie Burton

Jessica Riches

B.A. History, University of Alberta, Augustana Faculty

Research Interests: Canadian History, Gender history, Gender and Sexuality, poor relief.

Current Research: My paper will look at the poor relief provided in early nineteenth century Newfoundland, with a focus on different social organization created to help aid the poor and suffering in Newfoundland, and looking at how the people reacted to the given aid.

Supervisor:Dr. Kurt Korneski

Elsa Simms                                                                 

B.A Classics, Memorial University 2014
H. Dip. Archaeology, University College Cork 2017

Research Interests: Perceptions of Vikings by medieval peoples outside of Scandinavia, Misappropriation of medieval culture by modern radical groups, the construction of masculinity and race by radical groups in relations to medieval cultures.

Current Research: Perceptions of Vikings and Rus in Islamic texts.

Supervisor: Dr. Marica Cassis

Andrew Walsh

B.A. (Hons.) History, Memorial University, 2018

Research Interests: War as Tourism, Intercultural Interactions in Eastern Europe

Current Research: I am interested in determining the influence of the Eastern Question on the writings of British memoirists and diarists of the Crimean War, as well as British travel writers during the second half of the nineteenth century through their discussion of the people and places of the Ottoman Empire during its decline.

Supervisor: Dr. Justin Fantauzzo

Brandon Welcher

B.A. (Hons) Memorial University 2018

Research Interests:First World War, Disease in Warfare, Battlefield Medicine, Post-war Treatment of Veterans

Current Research: Examining the wartime and post-war experience of British malaria patients who served in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in the First World War, with a focus on their attempts to gain compensation for their illnesses after the war.

Supervisor: Dr. Justin Fantauzzo

Nicola Williams

B.A., University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica 2009

Current Interests: The Women's Patriotic Association in Newfoundland during the Interwar years.

Supervisor:Professor Terry Bishop-Stirling


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