Michael D. Kirkpatrick


Assistant Professor
Global History
Latin American History


B.A. (Hons.) University of Manitoba (2003)
M.A. University of Manitoba (2006)
Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan (2013)


Department of History
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL A1C 5S7
Email: michael.kirkpatrick@mun.ca
Office: A-4015
Phone: (709) 864-6109

Research Interests

Dr. Kirkpatrick studies in the urban history of Guatemala City from the Liberal Reforms of the 1870s until the 1920s.  In particular, he is interested in the cultural ramifications of rapid socio-economic change for the capital's bourgeoisie.  His work explores a wide variety of topics from nineteenth-century séance culture, bull-fighting in cinema, and the changing nature of gossip to the modernist avant-garde, cultural frustrations of the bourgeoisie, and women's consumption.

Beyond the urban history of Guatemala City, Dr. Kirkpatrick is interested in modern Latin American history, the history of capitalism and consumer society, political economic theory, and the idea of progress.