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***This course is accredited by IABC***

Our ability to communicate effectively is linked to our success in meeting the needs of our employees, colleagues, and clients.

We communicate every day without considering if our messages are being received and interpreted the way we intended them to be. Workplace communication takes authenticity and thoughtfulness - it means considering the impact of our communication style, method, and approach on the receiver of our message.

This course reviews the Connected Communication Framework - a model of workplace communication that focuses on research backed communication skills proven to strengthen interpersonal relationships and enhance overall communication and listening skills. Participants will also gain insight into their own personal communication style and consider how to adapt that style to better connect with others.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Compare the behaviours and actions of powerful communicators to better understand what impactful communication looks like
  • Consider the barriers to effective communication and how to overcome these barriers
  • Review the four distinct communication styles and asses which style you use and how to adapt that style to better connect and align with others
  • Assess the Connected Communication Framework and practice techniques for each part of the framework (Collaborative; Relational; Responsive; Effective)

This is a module in the Professional Communication Skills Program.

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7


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This course qualifies as credits toward the International Association of Business Communicators' (IABC) professional certifications.

When applying to sit for either the exam for Communications Management Professional (CMP)(R) or Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP)(R) or to apply for recertification, Gardiner Centre courses can be an integral part of your application package.

To learn more about this global standard certification, visit: To inquire about sitting for a certification exam, contact the local IABC NL chapter at, or visit:

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