Since the first ETP cohort in 2012, over 200 graduate students have participated in the ETP. Many of these students have gone on to pursue an entrepreneurial career, including the featured alumni below.

Featured Alumni

Heather ElliottHeather Elliott

ETP '19

Writer and researcher at Original Shipster
“When I feel like I’m the minority, I remind myself that I’m here not just for myself; I’m representing other voices that deserve to be here.”
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Brian Hurley Brian Hurley

 ETP '19

 Co-founder of Iron Rock Brewing Company
 “I look at leaders in the business community here in NL, I hear them speak and I think, ‘That’s where I want to be in 10-15 years.’”
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Jill Hurd

 Jill Hurd

 ETP '17

 Owner and Operator of Tails and Trails NL
 “Take advantage of networking events! This is   where you truly meet people in the entrepreneur   world, and introducing yourself to them is the best   thing you can do.”
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Arif Shaikh

ETP '17

Co-Founder, Creatros Inc.
"Getting passionate about business idea is a great starting point, but it’s a journey that needs lot of commitment." 
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Kala Davis

ETP '18

Life Between Labels | Wildlife & Conservation Entrepreneur
"MUN ETP offered the perfect place for me to learn while seeking my Master's."
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Mark Gauci

ETP '17

President & CEO, Mentic Wellness Technologies
"If you are even thinking of starting a business, the ETP program is the program for you."
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