Severe Weather - St. John's Campus

In Newfoundland, severe weather storms are most likely to bring high amounts of rain, snow, ice, strong winds and/or freezing rain -- many times all within a short time span. These storms can cause flooding, downed trees, structural damage and, in some instances, power outages. Consideration will be given to the cancellation of classes or closure of the University when the local weather forecast and/or campus conditions warrant such action. Memorial’s decision to close the university or cancel classes is based on the safety of students, staff and faculty.

Memorial University will consult local meteorologists and Metrobus officials. The decision to delay opening or to close early is based on numerous factors including weather conditions, road conditions, bussing and conditions on campus. In particular, the university will rely on the threshold criteria for public alerts about weather hazards as defined by Environment Canada in order to assess potential impact relating to specific weather warnings.

Occasions may occur when weather-related conditions necessitate that the University implement a delayed opening time or an early closure. In all cases, employees and commuting students must use their best judgment in determining their personal safety when traveling between home and the campus.

Advisories for late openings and/or closures will normally be issued by Marketing & Communications by 7 a.m. Early closures will normally be announced at least one hour in advance.

Methods of Communication

MUN Safe App

Information regarding late openings and/or closures will be released via push notification on the MUN Safe app. For more information and to download the app please visit


Memorial’s website alert system will be activated if there is an emergency, class cancellation or closure advisory. A message will be posted on the university’s home page outlining the emergency announcement. Check these websites:

Social Media
Check the official University Twitter feed: @MemorialU

Listen to local radio stations that provide emergency information in the St. John’s area:

  • CBC Radio One 640 AM 
  • VOCM 590 AM 
  • OZFM 94.7 FM 
  • Coast 101.1 FM 
  • CHMR 93.5 FM (accepts only daytime advisories) 


University email account holders on the St. John’s campus will receive an email message if they are subscribed to MUN Newsline email service. To subscribe to Newsline:

1. Send an e-mail to
2. Leave the subject field blank
3. In the body of the e-mail type: subscribe newsline
4. You will get a confirmation e-mail back. Click on the link contained in the e-mail to confirm your subscription.

Alternate Parking Sites During Severe Weather 

For information on snow/ice removal in parking areas on the St. John’s campus, please click here

For more information on Severe Weather Procedures please contact Facilities Management or to view Closures infomation please click here.