Ingredients and Supplies

Participants must use a minimum of one item from each of the four Canada Food Guide Groups - Meat and Alternatives, Vegetables and Fruits, Grain Products and Milk and Alternatives.

Participants are limited to the foods and supplies listed below. The amounts listed are the maximum amounts allowed per recipe.

Participants are limited to 2L of water; the recommended amount per person per day for an emergency kit.

Staple foods are available to participants in any quantity.

Any recipes submitted that do not meet these requirements will be automatically disqualified.  

Meat and Alternatives Vegetables and Fruits Grain Products Milk and Alternatives
Cooked Ham (454g) Artichoke Hearts (170 ml) Fusilli (500 g) Powdered Milk (500 g)
Chunks of Chicken (142 g) x 2 Canned Potatoes (425 g) Quick Oats (500g) Evaporated Milk (370 ml)
Kippers (85g) x 3 Canned Peas (398 ml) Minute Rice (White) (350 g) Cheddar Cheese Soup (284 ml)
Red Kidney Beans (540 ml) Canned Pineapple (540 ml) Couscous (340g) Coconut Milk (400 ml)
Peanut Butter (500 g) Canned Mushrooms (284 ml)    
  Canned Tomatoes (796 ml)    
  Sun Dried Tomatoes (175 g)    


Staples Supplies
All purpose Flour 1.5 L sauce pan and lid
Baking Powder 4.5 L sauce pan and lid
Canola Oil 9.5" fry pan
Garlic Powder spatula
Honey slotted spoon
Italian Seasoning disposable cutlery (teaspoons, forks and knives)
Ketchup disposable plates/bowls/etc
Mustard can opener
Onion Flakes 2 burner propane camp stove
Onion Powder  utility knife
Onion Soup Mix  
Red Pepper Flakes  
Salted Crackers  
White Vinegar