Bomb Threat

  1. When a bomb threat is received by telephone, initiate action to trace the call. See Bomb Threat Guidelines.
  2. Notify Campus Enforcement and Patrol (St. John's 709-864-4100, Grenfell 709-637-2888) immediately, giving as many details as possible.
  3. If a threat is received in writing, notify CEP immediately and turn over the document to them. Handle the document as little as possible as it may be useful in an investigation.
  4. Do not touch any suspected item. Should a suspected item be located, notify CEP immediately.
  5. CEP will initiate action in accordance with established procedures.
  6. CEP, in consultation with external police forces, will search and/or evacuate applicable areas as deemed necessary.

If advised to evacuate:

  1. If advised to evacuate, either by the sound of the fire alarm in the building or by CEP personnel, remain calm. Do as directed - do not waste time. If it can be done without undue delay, take outdoor clothing, handbag, briefcase, etc. with you.
  2. Evacuate by the nearest accessible exit. Keep clear of the building.
  3. Go to the nearest assembly point unless advised otherwise. Instructions regarding returning to the building or other information will be given as soon as possible.
  4. The University has a bomb threat plan, and personnel have been trained to cope with the situation.