MUN Safe Notifications Tips and Tricks

Emergency Push Notifications

If Push Notifications are not enabled on your device or the app you will NOT receive emergency notifications.

  • To ensure that you receive emergency notifications please accept push notifications for the app upon download.
  • You can verify that push notifications are enabled within the app by selecting “About/Preferences” then “Notification Settings”
  • To receive push notification and alerts your phone settings must have:
    1. Push notifications enabled for the app;
    2. Volume is on (to receive an audible alert); and
    3. Do not disturb mode or airplane mode off.
    1. To select the campus(es) you would like to get push notifications from, select “About/Preferences” then "Switch Campus" then “Notification Settings”

      Purchased a New Phone?

      When you purchase a new phone, your apps may automatically be installed by the operating system or transferred over from your old phone. Please delete the app on your new phone and download it again to ensure that you are properly subscribed to push notifications. 

      Push notifications must be enabled in your phones settings. If push notifications are currently enabled and you are not receiving push notifications, please check your phone settings using the follow guidelines for Apple Device or Android Device.

      App Hibernation/Offloading


      Starting with Android 11, if a user does not interact with your app for a few months, the app will automatically be placed in a hibernation state by the operating system. Some users may not be able to receive push notifications once their app is put into hibernation. Furthermore, if they interact with the app to remove it from hibernation, the app will be unable to receive push notifications until they re-enable the notification permission in the app’s settings. Here are instructions on how to manually disable App Hibernation for Android phones, and how to verify push notifications for Android phones from your AppArmor Safety app (MUN Safe).


      iOS devices have a similar function called 'App Offloading'. This setting removes the app from the user's device if the device storage is low. Push notifications may still be received, but the app will need to be restored via the app store. Here are  instructions on how to manually disable App Hibernation for iPhones, and how to verify push notifications for iPhones from your AppArmor Safety app (MUN Safe).

      Please share MUN Safe with colleagues and students via the share app button using email or social media.  

      Questions about MUN Safe?

      Questions or technical issues with MUN Safe can be directed to the MUN Safe administrators at