H1N1 Pandemic Influenza

In April 2009, a novel strain of Influenza A (H1N1) was discovered in Mexico and within weeks had transmitted to many other countries including Canada. In May 2009, Memorial University Senior Executive supported the establishment of an integrated Pandemic Preparedness Planning Committee (PPPC) under the chair of Director of Enterprise Risk management. The University promoted a 3C campaign (Clean, Cover and Contain) to reduce the spread of the virus. MUN partnered with Eastern Health, the Victorian Order of Nurses and College of the North Atlantic for the operation of an H1N1 clinic. 

Below are statistics related to the H1N1 outbreak and the vaccination clinic on campus. For a PDF version please click here

Students Self Reporting Influenza Like Illness


Class Cancellations


Staff Absenteeism


Students in Residence with Influenza Like Illness


Breakdown of Population Served at Clinic


# of Vaccinations per Day at Clinic


Visitors to H1N1 Website