Sarah Khalil

Sarah is currently working towards her Ph.D. degree in civil engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. Sarah graduated from Damascus University, Syria, with a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering. Sarah started her Master of Engineering program at MUN in 2018 and then continued her Ph.D. program. Her research interests include the application of statistical experimental design methods on designing and optimizing lightweight high-performance concrete. Before joining MUN, Sarah had over 5 years of industrial experience working as an architectural engineer in the Ministry of Tourism, and one year of teaching experience working as a teacher during her undergraduate studies, Sarah has also served as the Executive Director of External Affairs in the Graduate Student union at MUN. She values volunteering, and since her arrival in Canada, she volunteered with WISE GSS, Mentorship Program at MUN, WISE NL, Jusoor, and other organizations. She also plays badminton, loves hiking, and currently learning how to play piano.