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These are Frequently Asked Questions by students looking to learn more about graduate programs in Economics.

Question: Do I need a TOEFL score?

Answer: Only if your undergraduate/ graduate education was in a language other than English.

Question: When will I be informed if I am admitted to the MA Program?

Answer: Admission are usually confirmed in mid- February.

Question: Do I need a GRE score?

Answer: It is very strongly advised if you graduated from a non-Canadian University, regardless of how high your grades are.

Question: What is the minimum GRE score required?

Answer: There is no "minimum score" that would disqualify you (like in the case of the English proficiency scores) but since admission is very competitive, the higher the score the better the chances of admission.

Question: What is MUN's idenfification code for GRE and IELTS/TOEFL?

Answer: Memorial University identification code for TOEFL and GRE tests is 0885. There is no specific code for The Department of Economics.

Question: Do I need a supervisor before I apply?

Answer: No Supervisors are generally chosen in the second term of the program.

Question: Can I begin the program in January?

Answer: No, our program begins in September at the beginning of our academic year.

Question: How do I know if my application has been received?

Answer: The School of Graduate Studies will inform you.

Question: Do I have to apply for funding?

Answer: Yes you have to tic the box on your application requesting that you be considered for funding.

Question: What courses should  I have taken in order to be prepared for graduate courses?

Answer: Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Intermediate Econometrics as Calculus and Linear Algebra.

Question: I am an international applicant. I know the January 15 deadline has passed but can I still apply for the MA Economics program? Would my application be considered?

Answer: Yes, but you should send your application as soon as possible if you want to be considered for funding. Additionally the sooner you apply the sooner we can process your application and, if successful an admission letter. That will help you organize your paperwork (in particular visas) in time to come here in September.

Question: Do I stand a chance of getting admitted?

Answer: The likelihood of acceptance is not affected by this deadline, as long as we receive the application within the next few weeks

Question: I had my first degree in English and my country is an English-speaking country. Do I still need to submit a letter from my university stating the language of instruction?

Answer: Yes, please

Question: I would want to apply online. Cannot I have my documents (such as transcripts, GRE score report) scanned and attached to my online application so they could be used for initial assessment? Sending the documents would cost me a lot of money.

Answer: We understand but unfortunately our Graduate Office requires hard copies of several (but not all) documents as indicated on the website. A complete application requires hard copies of those documents for verification purposes.

Question: I will not be able to produce all of my grades by the time of application deadline since I am planning to start the MA program on the same year that I am finishing my undergraduate degree. Am I eligible to apply for your MA Economics program?

Answer: Yes, your case is very common. We will judge your transcript based on your grades for courses taken before your last term and, if you are successful, we will issue an admission conditional on the grades in the courses you take during your last term.

Question: How long is the MA Economics program?

Answer: The MA can be completed in 1 year (starting in September 2016 and ending in August 2017). However, students sometimes need a built longer to complete their MA Essays, so end up using one or two terms in addition. Many, however, do finish within 12 months.

Question: Is the MA-Thesis option available? Can I select the thesis-based option for the MA Economics program?

Answer: The thesis option (which would take 2 years) is not available right now in our Department. Our course based MA Program does include, however, a MA Essay, which is a substantial piece of independent research, conducted largely after the coursework is over in April.

Question: Which financing plan is the best for me?

Answer: Most students are advised to select Plan C, since it is possible to finish the MA in one year (3 semesters), which makes Plan C the most economical option.

Question: I applied a few years ago and want to apply again, can the old documents that I submitted the first time I applied be reused for the new application?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is not possible, because we cannot keep applicant records for long and also because you must submit recent versions of your qualifications (particularly GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/IESTL scores)

Question: Do the referees mail you the letters of appraisal direct or do we provide you with referee contact details?

Answer: AS indicated within the instructions, you must provide them with the form the University provides on our website, then they fill it out and send the reference letter directly to MUN.

Question: I have filled out the application form for MA program in Economics but I do not understand how to fill out the prerequisite information?

Answer: You can leave it blank but if possible add some key courses that you might have taken already (in particular, advanced microeconomics, advance macro, econometrics, etc.) that you would like to highlight from your resume


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