Shyamchand Mayengbam

Shyamchand Mayengbam             Office | SN1069A Phone: 864-2761
             Laboratory | SN1069 Phone: 864-2502

Research in my laboratory focuses on understanding the novel roles of dietary micronutrients and bioactive molecules in the prevention and treatment of metabolic and chronic diseases. My lab uses multiple analytical platforms, including LC-QTOF-MS and 1H-NMR –based metabolomics, and gut microbial profiling, to explore the mechanistic inside. The integration of the two omics enhances the identification of the functional relationship of the host metabolites and the gut microbiota. Micronutrients such as B-vitamins play an essential role as a cofactor in a myriad of enzymatic reactions. My lab is currently interested in exploring a novel gut-related mechanism of B-vitamins in maintaining human health.