Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) program

Jan 30th, 2017


Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) program

The Dean of Science Office is pleased to announce its Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) program will be offered again this year. The SURA program is created to provide undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science with more opportunities for hands-on research experience. The duration of the SURA work period is 16 weeks and must take place in the Faculty of Science during the 2017 spring/summer semester.


Canadian students who are unsuccessful in their application for 2017 NSERC USRA awards to do research within the Faculty of Science are automatically candidates for SURA awards and do not need to submit an application for SURA. 


International students in the Faculty of Science can apply for SURA awards, even though they cannot apply for NSERC USRA. International students apply by submitting the following material directly to the Dean of Science Office by the deadline of March 31, 2017:

  • Form 202, Part 1, of the NSERC USRA application
  • The NSERC USRA Approval Form for Release of Student Information 
  • Academic Transcript

Links to these forms can be found at the Research Grant and Contract Services webpage: 


In due time, each supervisor will be asked to complete a SURA application form. The application deadline for this supervisor form will be at a date in April 2017 to be determined after the NSERC USRA results have been announced. Students please note that research supervisors for this program must be members of the Faculty of Science, not Medicine or Engineering. 

Please see the Faculty of Science SURA web page for additional information.