Rusted Bayley Public lecture

Catherine FieldCatherine Field obtained her PhD in Nutrition and Metabolism the University of Alberta followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at McGill University. She began her academic career at the U of Alberta in 1991. Her research program centers on the effect of nutrition on the development of the immune system and the role of specific fatty acids in the treatment of breast cancer. She is a co-PI for the large maternal infant cohort, APrON (Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition), She has published more than 240 peer reviewed publications. Dr.Field has trained 7 PhD, 18 M.Sc and 6 postdoctoral fellows and has provided a research experience to more than 50 undergraduate, college and high school students. She has received the McCalla and Killam Professorships from the University of Alberta, and the Earl Willard McHenry Award for Leadership in Nutrition from the Canadian Nutrition Society. Dr. Field served as a Co-Director of for the first 2 years of the Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta, she current serves on the International Life Sciences Board of Trustees, is an Associate Editor for the American Society for Nutrition review journal Advances in Nutrition and is the current VP and incoming president of the American Society for Nutrition.

Dr. Field gave the fourth annual Faith Elizabeth Winifred (Rusted) Bayley Nutrition Lecture on May 15 at Memorial. This presentation is now available as a recorded webinar available for free until July 5, 2018. The presentation can be accessed here -