Alumni Tribute Award Nomination Categories

Alumni of the Year Award is the highest distinction bestowed on a Memorial graduate by the alumni body. Recipients of the award must have:

  1. Achieved an exceptionally high distinction in a chosen career or field of endeavor and/or;
  2. Made an outstanding contribution in their field that is highly uncommon and/or;
  3. Displayed exceptional human values that are an inspiration to those with whom they come in contact and/or;
  4. Remained a committed member of the Memorial University community and the community at large.

J.D. Eaton Award recognizes outstanding volunteer contribution to Memorial University. Recipients must have:

  1. Displayed exceptional leadership and outstanding volunteer service to Memorial University and/or;
  2. Demonstrated strong participation in activities that have enhanced the stature, reputation and overall strength of Memorial University and/or;
  3. Represented Memorial University to other appropriate organizations, institutions and/or the community in a manner that showcases Memorial in an exceptional manner.

Horizon Award recognizes outstanding achievement among Memorial University's young alumni. Recipients must:

  1. Be 35 years of age or younger as of the close of nominations for the Awards and;
  2. Have demonstrated an exceptional contribution or show a level of achievement in their career or field that is uncommon at a young age and/or;
  3. Have displayed exceptional human values that are an inspiration to those with whom they come in contact.

Outstanding Community Service Award recognizes outstanding volunteer contributions to the community at large. Recipients must have:

  1. Demonstrated exceptional volunteer service locally, nationally or internationally that has made a positive difference to the well-being of others and/or;
  2. Be someone who has donated their personal time, expertise, or knowledge to others and/or;
  3. No intention to generate personal, financial or commercial gain or participate in the activity as part of their paid employment.

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