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Ashley Laracy


Graduate 2009 BA in Political Science and Sociology; Certificate in Criminology, Memorial University

Graduate 2011 MA in Sociology, Memorial University

I graduated from Memorial University in 2009 with a double major in Political Science and Sociology. I immediately began my graduate degree in Sociology, with my research focused on the stigmatization of video lottery players in St. John's, NL.

As I finished my Masters, I was looking for opportunities abroad and so applied to the Marine Institute's Graduate Placement Program. Through a CIDA funded project, I was offered a six-month position as Gender Specialist with Tra Vinh University in Tra Vinh, Vietnam. I have always believed that graduate school is not only about your research topic, but more importantly, it is about the transferable research and writing skills that you acquire. Although my Masters research did not focus on gender or international development, I was able to use my graduate school skill set to step outside of my comfort zone and complete the assigned tasks.

I have most recently accepted another position working in Vietnam as the Gender Mainstreaming Advisor for the Vietnamese Association of Community Colleges. As I continue my work and travel throughout South East Asia I am grateful for the faculty, staff, and students in Memorial University's department of Sociology. My knowledge and critical thinking skills have been diversified by my degrees in Sociology. Undergraduate and Masters degrees in Sociology have truly opened many doors and opportunities for me to work internationally.