Student housing

Information and updates for students

For fall 2023, housing options are limited but Memorial University is doing its best to support incoming students to ensure they have a positive university experience.

To assist students with their housing requirements, support staff are working with students one-on-one to meet their needs including finding emergency short-term accommodations, or assisting with access to meals, if needed.

A Housing Issues Management Team, consisting of representatives from ten units, are addressing issues as the arise, increasing efficiencies in how they can help and continually seeking additional housing partnerships with homestays and hotels. This includes working with the city, city residents and hotels to find alternative accommodations.

In addition, the following initiatives have been taken to assist students:

  • A new graduate wing has been generated in Paton College to sleep twenty.
  • An online form is connecting people in our community who have a room to rent, with students looking for a rental.
  • Students in residence who have a single occupancy in a traditionally double room have been asked to consider a roommate.
  • Emails have been sent to Memorial employees and pensioners to consider renting a room to a student.
  • A Global Student in Crisis Team is focused on longer term planning for student housing.
  • Graduate students have been offered the option to start their programs online and move here when they find accommodations.
  • Memorial staff greet incoming international students at the airport (if the student has followed arrivals protocols). At this time, they provide assistance to a student in getting to their accommodation, or helping them troubleshoot temporary accommodation.
  • Four rooms in Paton College are being held for emergency housing needs. Four is the bare minimum usually kept for emergencies like flooding or domestic abuse.
  • The School of Graduate Studies is working with graduate students and their academic units on a case-by-case basis to determine the best advice for their individual circumstances. For course-based programs, almost all graduate programs are permitting deferral of admission. For research programs, the supervisor has final approval but the vast majority have been very flexible and accommodating.

Student residences

At Memorial, we have several student residence options to choose from, all within quick walking distance to classes, labs, libraries, dining areas and fitness facilities. Accessible units are also available.

As of Sept. 1, 2023, applications are still being accepted for Paton College for undergraduate, female students. However, all other residences are full for the fall 2023 semester.

Email for more information.

Off campus housing

If students choose to live off campus, Memorial University has many supports and resources to help you in your search.

Below are some links to help you get the most out of your off-campus journey:

International students

  • As an international student, you would have received an intake form from the Internationalization Office before arriving. This includes a checklist of questions to ensure housing is secured before arriving here.
  • If you have followed arrival protocols, Memorial staff will greet you at the airport. At this time, they will provide assistance in getting to your accommodation, or helping you troubleshoot temporary accommodation.
  • The School of Graduate studies is allowing the option to defer studies for a year, if you are still waiting on study permits.

Reach out to with any questions.