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Applications are now open for the following semester: 

Fall 2024 Applications are open

  • Paton College is accepting new applications.


  • Family Applications are currently closed, due to the high volume of applicants on the waitlist
  • Burton's Pond Apartments (individuals), Macpherson College, and Signal Hill are fully occupied and the waitlists are now closed.
Information regarding the 2025 academic year


Memorial University is a proud partner of the 2025 Canada Games, hosting the Games village, provincial/territorial mission offices, competition and training venues, polyclinic, media centre, and entertainment/social spaces on the St. John’s campus.  


The 2025 Canada Games will leave a legacy that includes St. John’s campus upgrades, academic and work-integrated learning opportunities, and the new Fortis Canada Games Complex.


Memorial is honoured to host nearly 5,000 athletes and coaches in the Games village on the St. John’s campus including housing in some of its residences. Facilities Management and the Canada Games Host Society will need time to prepare rooms and spaces before the athletes arrive.


As a result, from May 1-August 31, 2025 (spring semester/intersession/summer session) Paton College and Macpherson College residences on the St. John’s campus, which usually operate at a reduced capacity during this period, will be closed. Students will be required to move out by the end of the winter semester’s final exams.  


In addition, Guy Court and Gilbert Court in Burton’s Pond will close from July 1-August 31, 2025.


St. John’s campus accommodations will not be available for new student rental from May 1-Aug. 31, 2025.


Memorial will be hiring an additional off-campus housing advisor position to assist students in finding alternative accommodations if needed.


Baltimore Court, Cartier Court, Cabot Court and Signal Hill Campus are excluded.


In addition, Marine Institute and other technical sessions may stay until June 30, 2025.   


A limited short-term guest accommodations season in Macpherson College will also close by mid-July for preparation.

To apply to live in residence:

  1. Complete the Personal Information Form to start the application process.
  2. Once processed, Student Residences will email your MUN Student number (Required to complete steps 3 and 4 below.)
  3. Create a MUN Guest Account. (Note: It is imperative that you use the email address used to complete your Personal Information Form, otherwise you will not be able to access our residence portal).
  4. Access the Residence Portal and log in using your newly created MUN Guest Account
  5. Pay the $40 application fee
  6. Select your building and room and pay your $500 confirmation fee. This fee is credited toward your residence fees
Additional time in residence

The fees and move in/move out dates associated with residence are based on the semester start and end dates on the St. John's campus. For many students who are completing programs at other institutions these move in/move out dates do not line up with their academic semester dates.

Students who find themselves requiring additional time in residence due to their program end dates can contact us to discuss individual circumstances. Currently, additional time in residence is charged at $19 per day. Please note that dining services are not available between semesters and throughout the spring and summer semesters.

Selecting your accommodation preferences

There are a variety of accommodation options available to choose from.

Paton College provides a high level of support and guidance which is best suited for undergraduate students who are in their first year of studies or away from home for the first time.

Macpherson College provides a higher level of independence and privacy than the residence halls and is recommended for independent, undergraduate students or those entering their second year and beyond.

Burton's Pond Apartments offer a high level of independence which is best suited for older, more independent undergraduate students in their second year or higher as well as best suited for graduate students and students with families.

If you are unsure of which building might suit you best, contact or visit the Student Residences main office to discuss your options.

Room Type

Paton College has two types of rooms: a double room and a single room. A double room is shared by two students. A single room has one occupant during the year. Single rooms are typically only reserved for returning students. Paton College also has quiet floors/wings and accessible units. In most buildings, the quiet floor is the fourth floor. There are also sections in some buildings designated as Living Learning communities each year.

Macpherson College has one type of suite: two private bedrooms with a shared washroom. Macpherson College also has quiet floors located on the fifth and sixth floors of both buildings as well as accessible units. There are also wings designated as Living Learning communities in both buildings each year.

Burton's Pond Apartments offers four single rooms in an apartment-style residence with shared common spaces (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, living room).

Roommate Requests

When you apply for residence, there will be a section to indicate any roommate preferences you have. If you do not indicate a roommate preference on your original application, but you wish to do so at a later time, please submit your request through email to Please note that while we try our best to match up roommates, it is not always possible.

For a better chance at being matched up with your preferred roommate, please make sure that all roommates have also requested you as well. Only students who are offered and accept the same community will be reviewed if a roommate request is submitted.

If you do not have a roommate request, one will be assigned to you based on the questions you fill out on your application.

Burton's Pond Apartments has gender-inclusive apartments which means that genders will be mixed within these apartments. If you wish to live in one of these apartments, please indicate it on your application or through email to