Graduate Buildings

Paton College

Paton College

Paton College consists of nine residence hall-style buildings arranged around a courtyard and adjacent to the campus dining hall, Gushue Hall. Two of these buildings have been designated for graduate and mature students and tofferes single rooms at the single room rate. You’ll make the closest connections here and your floormates become like family.

Burton’s Pond Apartments

Burton's Pond Apartments
Burton's Pond consists of five apartment-style residences surrounding one side of Burton's Pond. Each of the five 'courts' is home to approximately 32 apartments and provides a high level of independence to graduate students. Burton's Pond is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Each apartment for individual students has two private bedrooms with a shared kitchen, living room and washroom and office/lounge spaces.

Signal Hill Campus

Signal Hill Campus consists of 87 rooms dedicated for graduate student accommodations. Each room has its own personal bathroom facility and comes complete with a bed, furniture and a refrigerator. Shared kitchens and common areas are available including stoves, ovens, and microwaves. There is a university-run shuttle service that provides service between all campuses in St. John’s.