Frequently Asked Questions

Specific information regarding COVID-19 and Student Residences can be found here.

Can I live in Residence?

All students are eligible to live on campus; however, certain communities are recommended based on your enrollment priority.


All applicants must be at least 16 years of age before moving into residence. While our residences are supervised by Residence Life staff, Memorial University does not provide custodianship for students.

Secondary School Applicants
Students enrolling in Memorial directly from secondary school are eligible only for Paton College and Macpherson College residences.

  • Applicants enrolling in Memorial directly from secondary school with a scholarship are given first priority for building preferences, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Applicants enrolling in Memorial directly from secondary school are given second priority for building preference on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All other enrolling students are given third priority for building preference on a first-come, first-served basis.
What community is right for me?

Paton College provides a high level of support and guidance, which is best suited for undergraduate students who are in their first year of studies or away from home for the first time.

Macpherson College provides a higher level of independence and privacy than Paton College, while still providing substantial guidance and support. Macpherson College is recommended undergraduate students who are more independent students or those entering their second year of studies.

Burton's Pond Apartments offer a high level of independence, which is best suited for older, undergraduate students who are more independent, graduate students and students with famlies.

If you are unsure of which building might suit you best, contact or visit the Student Residences main office in Hatcher House to discuss your options.

What amenities are included?
  • WiFi
  • Dining hall and campus cafés
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Laundry rooms on site
  • 24/7 security
How do I get a single room?

There are a limited number of single rooms in Paton College. Single rooms are assigned to returning students who rank high on the annual points list. This list is generated based on the seniority of the student in their current building as well as their cumulative GPA. Returning students should speak to their Residence Coordinator once they have reapplied for residence to check their position on this list.

New students attending Memorial University who have been accepted into Paton College will only be eligible for a single room if they have a specific medical need. Students requiring a single room for medical reasons will need to make a request for accommodation at the Blundon Centre.

How do I select my roommate?

You can request roommates during the application process in the Roommate Preferences section within the student portal. To be placed with a roommate, both students must mutually request each other on their application. There are a couple of ways to select your roommate:

  • Search for roommates by details - enter your friend's name to find them in the system and make the request.
  • Browse for matching roommates - complete the Personal Details questionnaire and the system will present profiles that most closely match yours. Select someone and they will receive an email asking if they would like to accept your request.
How do I use online room selection?
  1. You will be given a time slot to go in and select your room. Priority time slots are given first to returning students who applied with the reapplication period in February. Students who apply after will be given a time slot a month later. Applications received after the 1st of that month will be processed after all current students have selected their rooms.
  2. During your assigned time slot, you must select a room. If you do not select a room you will be assigned a room by Student Residences.
  3. Advance time slots are given to students who rank high on the annual points list (See: How do I select a room) and scholarship students. These students are granted a ‘pre-selection’ option whereby they are able to choose from available rooms before the majority of other resident applicants.
  4. Pulling-in allows two-to-four residents who want to live together to use the earliest time slot of the group to select their rooms. The resident with the earliest time slot pulls-in his or her roommate(s) during their time slot. To be pulled-in, all requested roommates must have applied for residence, received a time slot, and have been accepted as roommates in the “Roommate Preferences” step of the application. If one of your requested roommate(s) did not receive a time slot, they will not be able to be pulled-in. You can only pull-in residents with the same student classification and who have applied for the same term.
Can I change my room?

If you wish to change your building or community before move in day you will be granted a time slot to do so on the Student Residence Portal.

If you wish to change your room, building or community after you have moved in, please speak with a member of the Residence Life team. If they recommend a change, they will submit the recommendation to Student Residences. Student Residences will review the request and make the final decision to approve or deny the room change request.

Are there gender neutral acommodations?

Co-ed or gender neutral accommodations are available in our Burton’s Pond apartments. All residence buildings are co-ed. 

Gender neutral washrooms are also located on the second floor of all buildings within Paton College.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in student residences space unless they are deemed an emotional support animal and have all accompanying paperwork. There are various steps involved with obtaining necessary approvals. Please contact the Blundon Centre for additional information.

What do I need to bring?

Since each residence community is different, we have compiled different lists of suggested items you will need to bring with you.

For Paton College, click here.
For Macpherson College, click here.
For Burton’s Pond, click here.

What size sheets should I bring?

In Paton College our single beds measure 36” x 78”, and our double beds measure 54” x 80”.

In Macpherson College and Burton’s Pond our single beds measure 39” x 80”, and our double beds measure 54” x 75”.

What size mini fridge should I bring?

Macpherson College suites have a designated fridge space of 24” wide by 38” deep.

I’ve been accepted to Macpherson, what size TV fits in the mounts?

The maximum TV size that fits is a 32 inch screen. Plasma screens are not permitted as the heat produced interferes with the thermostat.

How do I get a parking permit?

Student Residences is allocated approximately 80 parking spaces each semester, therefore not every student living in residence can get a parking permit. Parking permits will be granted first to students with documented medical need, then to students on work terms, students with the Centre for Nursing Studies, families in Burton’s Pond, and finally Burton’s Pond students. If you wish to be considered for a parking permit please email with any supporting documentation. If you do not have a medical or academic need or are not granted a parking permit, you may try contacting and request an evening and weekend parking permit.

When can I move in?

For the Fall semester, first time residence students can move in the Sunday before Labour Day. Returning students can move in on Labour Day Monday, or Tuesday.

Can I move in early?

Not unless it’s for a documented academic reason.

When does the residence fee charge show on my student account?

The charge will appear on your account 2-3 weeks prior to the start of each semester.

When do I need to pay my residence fees?

Fees need to be paid by the first day of classes each semester.

How do I pay my fees?

There are several different methods of payment available. Click here to find out more.

What happens if I cancel my accommodations after the deadline?

***Cancellation and room confirmation fees have been eliminated for the Winter 2022 semester.***

If you cancel your accommodations before the cancellation deadline date, you will be eligible for a refund.

All new applicants accepted into residence are required to pay a confirmation fee of $500 which is credited towards the cost of your accommodations. If a new applicant cancels after the deadline date, they will forfeit the $500 confirmation fee.

If a returning student cancels after the deadline date, they will be charged a $500 cancellation fee, which will be added to your student account.

All deadline dates can be found here.

Refunds or reversals of the confirmation fee will be done with the submission of proof for individuals who do not receive their visa.

Any other request for a refund or reversal of the confirmation fee must be in writing to and must include supporting documentation.

What happens if I decide to cancel my accommodations after I move in?

Student Residences defines a termination as a booking that is ended by the Resident after to the resident has checked into their assigned accommodations. As per Section 10.2 of the accommodation agreement, "termination of this Agreement prior to the assigned check out date, for any reason, including an eviction sanction, does not automatically absolve the Resident of all cost associated with this Agreement."

If you have a valid reason for terminating that can be substantiated with appropriate documentation you are entitled to a refund prorated to your date of termination. For your convenience, the appliable sections of the Accommodation Agreement are provided below.

10.5. The Resident acknowledges that this Agreement can be terminated without penalty if they accept a work term that requires them to travel further than 50 km from the Student Residences facilities.
10.6. The Resident acknowledges that this Agreement can be terminated without penalty if they are accepted into an exchange program outside of Canada that is approved by Memorial University.
10.7. The Resident acknowledges that this Agreement can be terminated without penalty if the resident has a personal health (mental/physical) condition(s) for which the Resident has provided appropriate documentation from a professional health care provider. (NOTE: This documentation must specifically state that residing in Student Residence is no longer advisable.)
10.8. The Resident acknowledges that this Agreement can be terminated without penalty if the resident can provide proof of financial hardship (documented) which made it impossible for the student to continue their post-secondary education.

All other terminations, including valid reasons that cannot be substantiated, are entitled to a refund prorated to one month after your date of termination.

How do I connect to the Wifi?

IBM and SolutionInc have been contracted to provide student residence wireless services for the Memorial University St. John’s Campus residences.
The WIFI services are called @MemorialRES for residents and @MemorialRES-Guest for guests.
The student ‘On-boarding’ process will be fast and easy to use.
The initial process to create a new account will be less than 5 minutes, and once the account is registered, the login process will be less than 1 minute. To add or remove devices from your account, please visit

Should anyone experience a problem, or have a question, they can either call 1-855- 561-3650 or email

How do the phones in Macpherson work?

All bedrooms in Macpherson College have a phone with complimentary local calling. Each phone has a five digit extension listed above the key pad – this does not correspond to the room number. There is also a public phone near the desk in the hub on the same system.
To dial out from a room phone, press ‘9’ then the number. (Note: If dialing a university number 864-must also be used.)
To phone room to room within Macpherson College:
1. Dial ‘9’ first
2. Then dial 864-7800
3. After the prompt, enter the 5 digit extension.

To call in from outside the university:
1. Dial (709) 864-7800.
2. After the prompt, enter the 5 digit extension.
To call in from another university phone:
1. Simply dial extension 7800
2. After the prompt, enter the 5 digit extension.

What’s in the Accommodations Agreement?

You can view the Accommodations Agreement here.

What are the Residence Regulations?

You can view the Student Residences Regulations here.

What’s in the Student Code of Conduct?

You can view the Student Code of Conduct here.


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