Structure and Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

To conduct a search for a new President of Memorial University using a process that is transparent and accountable, while maintaining the necessary confidentiality of potential candidates, and that is guided by and in compliance with the letter, spirit and intent of the Memorial University Act as well as the Presidential Search, Selection and Appointment Policy and applicable Procedure.

Membership Structure

The Presidential Search Committee shall comprise:

(a)       The Chair of the Board as chair of the Committee
(b)       Four other Board members, to be chosen by the Chair;
(c)       Four members of the faculty, chosen by the Senate, with one member from each of the St. John’s Campus, Grenfell Campus, Labrador Campus, and the Marine Institute;
(d)       Four students to be chosen by them from each of the respective unions as follows:
            -     Memorial University of Newfoundland Students' Union (MUNSU);
            -     Marine Institute Students' Union (MISU);
            -     Graduate Students' Union (GSU);
            -     Grenfell Campus Students' Union (GCSU);
(e)       An academic administrator, chosen by them from among themselves;
(f)        A non-academic administrator, chosen by them from among themselves;
(g)       One member of the public-at-large, chosen by the Chair;

The Secretary of the Board of Regents will serve as Secretary of the Presidential Search Committee.

The Executive Director, University Governance Secretariat, will provide advice to and support the work of the Presidential Search Committee.