Executive Committee

The Board of Regents shall appoint an Executive Committee in accordance with the following terms:

The Committee shall comprise:
1. The Chair of the Board of Regents who is the Committee Chair.

2. The Vice-Chair of the Board of Regents who is the Committee Vice-Chair.

3. The Chairs of the Audit and Risk, Campus Planning and Development, Finance, Governance and Human Relations Committees.

4. The President and Vice-Chancellor.

5. Non-voting ex-officio members:
i. Provost and Vice-President (Academic);
ii. Vice-President (Administration and Finance);
iii. The Executive Director to the Board of Regents;

6. The General Counsel who shall be invited to attend all meetings of the Committee in a non-voting capacity to provide advice to the Committee related to its business.

7. The Secretary of the Board of Regents who shall serve as non-voting secretary to the Committee.

8. Other individuals may be invited by the Committee Chair to attend meetings in a non-voting capacity as necessary.

Quorum shall be a majority of voting members.

1. To act for the Board on any matter within the jurisdiction of the Board pursuant to The Memorial University Act, where decisions are required to be made and action taken between regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Regents and where the Board has otherwise delegated specific responsibilities to the Executive Committee as outlined below in Section D. Responsibilities.


1. To approve agendas for Board meetings.

2. To review and make recommendations to the Board concerning Senate business submitted to the Board.

3. To recommend to the Board appointments of prospective appointees to the “Executive Pay Group” (ie. the President and Vice-Chancellor and all Vice-Presidents).

4. To review the “Executive Pay Group” salary structure, on a regular basis and to bring any recommendations for changes to the Board for its approval.

5. To recommend to the Board new policies or changes in existing policies of the administration which do not fall under the responsibilities of any other Board committee.

6. To review recommendations from the President and provide advice to the Board of Regents concerning:
a) Government and external relations
b) Fundraising and development.
c) Matters not assigned to other committees.

7. To provide oversight regarding amendments to the Memorial University Act.

8. To assume such other responsibilities as may be delegated by the Board.


The Executive Committee shall submit reports to the Board of Regents of any action or decisions taken on behalf of the Board. Such reports shall be for the information of the Board.


The Board has delegated to the President, the authority to make appointments of Vice-Presidents whom will hold interim, acting, and pro tempore positions for terms that are not greater than 12 months and within the approved salary scale

Approved by the Board of Regents: May 12, 2021