Committee to Hear Appeals Regarding Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

NOTE: On August  29, 2023 the Board of Regents approved a new committee structure. This committee was identified as approved but requiring future consultation before significant updates can occur. This comittee is to function under the existing Terms of Reference in the interm.

The Board of Regents shall appoint a Committee to hear Appeals regarding Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in accordance with the following terms:

The Committee shall comprise:

1. Three (3) members from the Board of Regents to be appointed by the Chair of the Board who shall designate one (1) member to be Chair and one (1) member to be Vice-Chair. At least one of those members will normally be a student member of the Board.

2. The following non-voting ex-officio members:

i. Executive Director, Office of the Board of Regents

3. External Legal Counsel who shall be invited to attend all meetings of the Committee in a non-voting capacity to provide advice to the Committee related to the work of the Committee.

4. The Secretary to the Board of Regents (or delegate) who shall serve as non-voting secretary of the Committee.

The appointed members shall serve for two years.

Additional individuals may be invited by the Committee Chair to attend meetings in a non-voting capacity as necessary.

None of the members of the Committee shall have been involved in any prior decision making with respect to the case under appeal or have any conflict of interest, bias or reasonable apprehension of bias.

Quorum shall be a majority of voting members.

The Committee will consider appeals from individuals in respect to the appropriate policy and procedures for sexual harassment and sexual assault and make final decisions in each case on behalf of the Board.


1. To consider appeals in respect to the appropriate policy and procedures for sexual harassment and sexual assault and to make final decisions on behalf of the board.

2. To provide written reasons for decisions of the Committee to all parties involved in the appeal (including the Board of Regents).

3. To receive education and training in the area of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

4. To determine procedures to be followed by the Committee for hearing appeals. These procedures must be consistent with the appropriate Policy and Procedures for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

Approved by the Executive Committee acting on behalf of the Board of Regents: November 15, 2017