Memorial launches Public Engagement Framework Renewal Process

Sep 7th, 2023

Office of Public Engagement

Memorial University is making a plan to guide how we work with the public on research, teaching and learning, and public engagement projects. This plan will build on the initial Public Engagement Framework which reached the end of its first phase in 2020. 

The new strategy will continue the work of the Framework, offering a vision, values, and definition for public engagement at Memorial, along with goals and objectives to help guide the university's collaborations with the public related to research, teaching and learning, and public engagement projects. The new strategy will also address barriers that were identified as part of OPE's evaluation of the Framework, and integrate emerging opportunities and other Memorial guiding documents (including Transforming Our Horizons, Memorial's Strategic Plan.)

Of course, a strategy focused on public partnerships and collaboration needs to be shaped in an engaged way! Over the Fall of 2023, the Office of Public Engagement will conduct a broad dialogue process, asking members of the Memorial community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the public, to share their perspectives, concerns, and ideas about how Memorial interacts with the public in relation to research, teaching and learning, and public engagement. 

For full details of the plan, and to register to share your input at a dialogue session, please see here.