Updating the directory

What is the process for changing phone numbers?

Maintainers and Approvers can access the Electronic phone directory here: phonebook.ucs.mun.ca.

Staff Phone Numbers

Now that phone listings can be changed via the web, departments are responsible for ensuring that the phone information for their own faculty and staff is accurate.
A maintainer in the department will make a change to the phone directory information and an approver will check over the changes before the changes are submitted to the Phone Directory.

Who can change phone numbers for faculty and staff in a department?

The only people who can change phone numbers in a department are staff members who have been authorized by the department head.
At this time, we are asking departments to have at least two people who can act as a maintainer and/or approver for the phone information for their department.
The separation of roles is to ensure that phone information is checked at the department level before it is posted to the Phone Directory.

What is the difference between and maintainer and an approver?
  • A maintainer is an employee who has the privileges to add, edit, or remove a phone directory entry for someone in the department. When a change is made, this person will then submit these changes for final approval.
  • An approver is an employee who has all of privileges of a maintainer and can also approve changes to phone information. When an approver has reviewed modified phone information, they can approve changes by clicking a button.

Once approved, the modified entries are made available via the web. Changes will be reflected in the print version the next day.

What is the process for getting access to the Phone Directory system?

In order to access the Phone Directory system, follow these steps:

  • Activate your MUN Login account (https://login.mun.ca) and get a MUN Login username.
  • Ask a departmental administrative authority to send a letter or e-mail to ITS specifying the first name, last name, and MUN Login username (note: passwords and PINs should never be sent) of the maintainer and approver for the department. Please clearly identify the maintainer and approver and include their full name and the department that they will be maintaining.
  • Once ITS has processed that letter/e-mail, you will be contacted via e-mail to acknowledge that you now have access to the Electronic Phone Directory. Specific instructions on how to use the system will be include on the web site.

Who can see home phone numbers and personal information?

Currently only those assigned access to the phone directory can view home phone numbers or the additional personal information that may be present in an entry. This information will not be made available via the web or the downloadable PDF.
If the "publish home phone number" box is checked, the information will be available in the print version obtained from Printing Services only as provided in the past.

What if the maintainers/approvers change?

Departments are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate individuals have access to the directory. In the event that an approver/maintainer leaves your department or is no longer responsible for maintaining listing, please notify ITS with the appropriate changes.