Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an event/activity at Memorial?
To request space at Memorial, please send an email to and the conferences and events services team will answer your questions and help find the space that is right for you and/or your group. Please note that due to volume, processing of requests may take up to two business days. 

How much does it cost to book space at Memorial?
Costs vary depending on the space and requirements. Many of the spaces on St. John’s Campus are free for Memorial faculty, staff and students conducting university-related events. Please see the pricing section for more information.

Can I book my wedding at Memorial?
Memorial does have several spaces that can facilitate weddings including: Gushue Hall, the Bruneau Centre, and the Johnson Geo Centre.
Please note, weddings are not held at the Emera Innovation Exchange Conference Centre at Signal Hill Campus.

How will parking work for my event?
Parking at Memorial is paid and enforced 24/7. If you are organizing a conference or an event and want to cover the cost for your attendees, this can be arranged. More information about parking, including accessible spaces and a campus parking map can be found here.

Are there catering services available for my event?
Depending on your event (i.e. where it is taking place and number of people) catering services are available for a fee. Please see the catering section for more information. 

Can I bring in catering/ food for my event?
This depends on your event (i.e. where it is taking place and the number of people). To discuss this further email

I need registration services for my event. Can your team provide these?
The Conference and Event Services team manages registration software that can track attendance of your event and accept payments through Visa/MasterCard with direct reconciliation to Memorial's Financial Services.

How far in advance do I need to book my conference/event?
This depends on the space and the complexity of your event, but in general the more lead time the better. While we will try our best to accommodate, requests made within 48 hours of the desired date/time may not be feasible. 

What kind of audiovisual equipment is provided with my booking?
Select classrooms and lecture halls on St. John's Campus are multi-media ready and come equipped with a room PC, a screen and projector. Clients external to MUN can request temporary login-credentials to access the technology. Larger lecture halls include sound reinforcement systems with microphones provided upon request.
The Emera Innovation Exchange Conference Centre at Signal Hill campus offers a state-of-the-art fully integrated in-house AV system, optimized for streaming and video- or tele-conferencing services.

Do you have somewhere for our conference guests/attendees to stay?
Memorial has a variety of options for conference delegates to stay. Being on campus means staying in a convenient location with access to unique amenities. Learn more.

How do I organize a bake-sale or information table in one of the atriums at SJC?
Apart from the atrium at the Bruneau Centre for Research & Innovation (IIC), all other atria are booked via the respective departments in the building. 

How do I make reoccurring bookings at SJC?
Memorial faculty, staff and registered student societies may request reoccurring bookings. To do this simply indicate when requesting space. Please note that reoccurring booking requests can only be accepted for the current term, not beyond.

Do you have special rates for charities and non-profit organizations?
While MUN does not offer special rates for these types of organizations, interested clients will find our prices competitive. Moreover, our events team is dedicated to always find the best value solution for your event plans. We are happy to talk over the details with you.

What is the difference between an academic room booking and a non-academic room booking?
Academic room bookings are bookings for lectures, exams etc. These are normally organized through the Registrar's Office. Non-academic room bookings are bookings for use outside of regularly scheduled classes (i.e. conferences, non-credit lectures, weddings). 

What types Amenities are available nearby and/or at Memorial's St. John's locations?
There are many things to do in and around Memorial's St. John's locations. On campus you can get a workout at The Works, eat food at the University Centre Food Court, have a drink at Bitter's Pub, visit the Botanical Garden and/or the QEII Library

How do I get to Memorial University?
Memorial University has several locations throughout the province. Find out more information about getting to the location you are looking for here.

I have items to load in and out for my event. What steps do I need to take to organize this?
To organize load in and out times and locations, please coordinate with one of our events staff members or email