It is acceptable to spell out the degree or to abbreviate it, depending on the context.

When describing and spelling out a degree, use lower case and apostrophes.

  • There are many baccalaureate degrees.
  • He earned a bachelor’s degree in physics. She is working towards a master’s degree.
  • She has a bachelor of arts degree in English.
  • The School of Graduate Studies conferred 97 master’s degrees in the fall convocation.

Within the body of a text, details of a degree may be written out as follows.

  • Dale Smith earned her BA(Hons.) in history.
  • Judy Shreiber graduated with a master’s degree last year.

Within a graduate profile, shorten as much as possible, including the year of graduation.

  • Dale Smith (BA Hons.'79) now works in Guam as a consultant.
  • July Shreiber (MA'98) is now pursuing doctoral work at Harvard University.

Other degrees and designations - Quick Reference - not complete, samples only

  • BA
  • BA(Hons.)
  • BA(Police Studies)
  • BBA
  • B.Comm.(Co-op.)
  • B.Ed., B.Ed.(Native and Northern)
  • B.Eng.
  • BFA
  • B.Kin.
  • B.Mus.
  • B.Rec.(Co-op.)
  • B.Sc.(Biology)
  • BSW
  • MBA
  • MD
  • MER
  • MPH
  • M.Phil.
  • M.Sc.
  • M.Sc.(Medicine)
  • MASP(Co-op.)
  • MWS
  • PhD
  • Honorary D.Litt.
  • Honorary LLD