Other Supports

Memorial has a variety of services and resources available to both the university and wider communities. To learn more, please see below.

Navigate Makerspace

The Navigate Makerspace is a collaborative, communal workspace to learn, make, explore, tinker, and share ideas. It is a place where DIY meets innovation, art meets technology, and business ideas meet reality. With free access to expert creative design advice, programming, services and mentoring, and tools like 3D Printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, soldering irons, a digital loom, electronics, robotics and more, makers are empowered to turn abstract ideas into products and functional prototypes. It is a space where people come together to design, collaborate, create and materialize their next big idea. Located on Grenfell Campus, the Makerspace is a joint initiative between Grenfell Campus and CNA Corner Brook Campus.

Department of Technical Services

The Department of Technical Services is responsible for developing and maintaining specialized equipment to support research and teaching activities. The employees of Technical Services work closely with researchers to develop and build custom apparatus and prototypes. This unit services laboratory equipment, specialized machinery and scientific instruments. With highly trained staff and modern facilities, this group offers expertise in electronics, circuit board development, networking, computer repairs, glassblowing, CNC machining, scale model making, mechanical fabrication and selective laser sintering. The department focuses on developing services that are beneficial to Memorial's researchers and innovators but not otherwise available in the local community.

Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training (CREAIT) Network

The pan-university Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training (CREAIT) Network is designed to maximize the impact of Memorial's institutional investments in research through enhanced access to and utilization of major research equipment. CREAIT maintains and operates thematic clusters of multi-user equipment, located in 6 interconnected satellites across the St. John’s campus and the Ocean Sciences Centre. Duties of the CREAIT Network include:

  • Training faculty and students in the use of core research equipment
  • Assisting faculty with major equipment acquisitions
  • Maintaining and operating major research equipment and facilities
  • Promoting the development of new research partnerships with private sector users by:
    • providing access to core research equipment on a cost-recovery basis
    • facilitating collaboration with faculty and researchers at Memorial

The Commons’ Makerspace

A makerspace is a place where people can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials. The Commons’ Makerspace is physically flexible and contains equipment & supplies that allow students to explore their creativity. It gives students the resources to conceive an idea and bring it into the physical world. In addition, it allows students to take two or more seemingly unrelated ideas and combine them, encouraging true innovation. It offers workshops and drop-in access for 3d printing, CNC milling, vinyl cutting, sewing, electronics and more!

Student Design Hub

The Student Design Hub (SDH) is a student resource initiative that aims to support any undergraduate or graduate students competing in a student-centred competition, or hoping to develop a product prototype. Members of student-driven initiatives can access the space any time to prototype their projects, host design meetings, or bring their designs to life. The SDH offers programming that strategically targets the needs of student designers, provides access to resources, develops tutorials on “how” to utilize those resources, and mentorship to help students succeed. Some of the equipment available for students to use in the SDH collaborative space include 3D Printers, CNC machines, circuit troubleshooting stations, high-powered computers with a variety of design and analysis software, and hand/power tools. The SDH aims to build a community around collaboration by connecting like-minded individuals to the resources and mentors. Located at the St. John’s Campus on the first floor of the S. J. Carew Building, the Student Design Hub is available to anyone with an open mind and a passion for creation.