Flower's Cove - Knitting

Laura Chambers is a 94-year-old resident of Flower's Cove who is originally from Anchor Point. She now lives with members of her family in the French Island Bed and Breakfast. She is a consistent knitter who makes socks, hats, slippers, trigger-finger gloves, and mittens. Her knitting style reflects traditional styles from before the snowflake and diamond patterns were introduced to the region. Laura speaks of her knitting skills while reminiscing about traditions such as keeping dog teams and spinning wool. She also addresses the 'Sealskin Church' where people made and sold sealskin boots.

Chambers, Laura. Laura Chambers sitting and knitting in her chair, Flower's Cove

Chambers, Laura. A selection of Laura Chambers' knitting on sale at the French Island Bed and Breakfast, Flower's Cove

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