Newfoundland and Labrador Examples

The following are used to illustrate a sample of ICH in Newfoundland and Labrador. There are thousands of existing examples from many other individuals and communities that are not included here, and thousands more to be recorded.

Oral traditions, expressions and performing arts




  • John Joe English from Branch performing The Lobster Salad at the Folk Festival in Bannerman Park.


  • A Northern Peninsula man telling a tall tale.



  • Charlotte-Anne Malischewski playing fiddle tunes she learned from Emile Benoit.


Social practices, rituals, and festive events


Wedding guests in Southeast Bight accompanying the bride and groom to church

Pow wow in Conne River

Mummers in Francois, on the South Coast of Newfoundland

Skills and traditional knowledge

Preparing caribou skins

Drying a caribou skin
Credit: NLCDA
Berry picking

Leo Walsh on a bakeapple-picking trip, Calvert
Credit: Gerald Pocius
Making butter

Doris Sullivan making butter, Calvert
Credit: Gerald Pocius
Making a grass basket

Carmel Rich from Labrador weaving a grass basket
Making fish

Jack Wells, The Battery, making fish
Making a longer

Mi'kmaq Joe Jeddore preparing a longer, Bay d’Espoir.

Traditional crafts

Snow shoe building

Innu woman making snowshoes in front of her tent at Utshimassit (Old Davis Inlet), early 1960s.
Credit: Ray Webber
Boat building

Fred Greene from the Winterton Boatbuilding Museum at the 2006 ICH Conference
Mat hooking

Queenie Maloney from Bay Bulls and her mat frame
Credit: Gerald Pocius
Building canoes

Building an Innu canoe in Sheshatshiu
Credit: Peter Armitage