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Managing Difficult Conversations

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December 11, 2018

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Managing Difficult Conversations
Learn how to prepare for and handle difficult conversations in a way that produces positive outcomes for everyone.
Difficult Conversations, Conflict Management, Communications

Learn how to prepare for and handle difficult conversations in a way that produces positive outcomes for everyone.

Difficult conversations are sometimes easier to avoid due to uncertainty of how to confidently lead a difficult conversation. Whether you’re telling a client the project is late and over budget or presiding over an unsatisfactory performance review — difficult conversations are inevitable and necessary. Difficult conversations appear in all areas of life: work, family, leadership, and relationships. Understanding how to have a difficult conversation is a core competency for organizational and personal success. These conversations provide opportunity to create new and more effective ways to attain goals and build relationships.

During this interactive workshop participants learn strategies to confidently deal with difficult conversations and will be provided with the opportunity to practice these skills by working through simulated difficult conversations.

 In this one-day seminar you will learn:

  • Why some conversations are so difficult
  • The 3 conversations model
  • How to prepare for a difficult conversation
  • The 7 step process for successfully engaging in a courageous conversation
  • The importance of communication and coaching tools such as inquiry, listening, paraphrasing, reframing, and  acknowledging
  • Sending the right message - assertive versus minimizing language
  • The role of emotions and how to manage them
  • How to build a culture of accountability
  • Using the conversation for follow-up development

Participant Feedback:

-" This seminar was so helpful for me. I really hope to continue with more training in these areas of professional development."

-"I think listening and acknowledging what other people are saying is most important in having a difficult conversation"

-"The instructor was excellent. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, made a difficult topic more comfortable to discuss."

This is a module in the Influence, Negotiation, and Conflict Management Program.


For Individuals

  • Overcome the fears that make you avoid difficult conversations
  • Know how to plan and prepare for challenging conversations
  • Successfully engage in courageous conversation
  • Confidently project key messages in difficult /highly emotional situations
  • Build better relationships

For Organizations

  • Improve overall internal and external communication
  • Build a culture of accountability
  • Minimize the loss of productivity and morale caused by conversations that were handled badly or conflicts that were avoided
  • Build better workplace relationships

Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, and other professionals who are involved with managing difficult conversations.





Lynn Best

Lynn Best is the President of CreAction Consulting, an organization that specializes in Workplace Learning and Employee Development. Lynn is a Certified Executive Coach, holding a PCC designation from the International Coach Federation. She has a Masters degree in Adult Education and two undergraduate degrees in Post-Secondary Education and Arts.

Lynn has experience working with private, public, and not-for-profit organizations, and has worked locally and internationally. She is a skilled facilitator who enjoys creating a collaborative learning environment. Lynn is passionate about workplace learning, particularly in the areas of executive coaching and coach training, leadership development, succession planning, and employee development.

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