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coaching for managers

Coaching has been identified by leading business experts as a necessary skill for strong and effective leadership. The Coaching Conversation for Managers course is designed specifically for leaders and managers to quickly and easily acquire those skills. It draws from the most advanced knowledge base in the coaching field and is translated into a simple, intuitive, and highly transferable framework for busy executives and managers.

This one-day, skill development training course is highly experiential with many opportunities for participants to coach and to be coached. The focus of the session is for leaders and managers to learn how to use coaching as a developmental tool with their employees to maximize their potential and achieve business goals.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what is coaching and what is not
  • Learn how coaching works
  • Review the framework for a coaching conversation
  • Gain the skills needed to engage in a coaching conversation
  • Understand what it is like to coach and be coached
  • Identify the benefits of coaching in the workplace

Participant Experiences

"I came away with a true understanding of listening, asking the right questions, and how to empower people to continually improve using great coaching techniques." - Winter 2023 Participant

"Learning about yourself, others, how to go about coaching in a methodological way rather then ad hoc. The practical portion was amazing." -  Winter 2023 Participant

"Fantastic Experience. Loved every minute of it and definitely see "AHA" moments in self reflection." - Winter 2023 Participant

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

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Lynn Ansara

Lynn Ansara (Best) is a skilled, experienced facilitator who is passionate about supporting the achievement of organizational goals and employee development. Lynn holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education, two undergraduate degrees in Arts and Post-Secondary Education, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching. Lynn also holds a number of certifications including Legacy Leadership(TM),  Emotional Intelligence, Myers Briggs Personality Indicator, True Colors(TM), and Coaching Out of the Box(TM). Lynn uses a coach approach to teaching and learning. She creates trusting, collaborative partnerships and learning environments directed at achieving results while infusing humour, challenge, and accountability.

Lynn is the President of CreAction Consulting, facilitating workplace learning and employee development. She has worked with a wide-variety of public, private and not-for-profit industries supporting organizations and employees in achieving their goals.

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