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Learn strategies to increase the return on your organization's human resource investment and improve employee morale, productivity and loyalty.

Investing in Employee Development focuses on the value of employee development as a strategic organizational investment to enhance the skills of employees and improve productivity, loyalty, and retention. This course defines employee development and teaches techniques for facilitating employee growth and development (mentoring, coaching, succession planning, and onboarding). Participants will learn the components of an employee development program and understand how to develop a strategy for their organization. The course uses case studies and exercises to practice employee development techniques and strategies. Templates to guide employee development planning are provided for application in the workplace.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Why employee development is important to the organization
  • The differences between and how to maximize informal and formal workplace learning
  • Methods to facilitate employee development, eg. learning plans, mentorship programs, coaching
  • How to develop individual and organizational learning plans
  • How to develop an employee development strategy for your department/organization

Past Participants Said:

"Great sharing of best practices and experiences."

"We will implement a mentoring/coaching program from what I have learned today."

"This training will help correct some things but also provided knowledge that we are doing it right."

This is a module in the Human Resource Professional Program.

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

Please note, this course can be offered for teams in French.

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