Researcher Profiles

Department Head: Wei Qiu

Ralf Bachmayer: Dynamics, navigation and control of autonomous underwater gliders, vehicle design and under-ice operations

Bruce Colbourne:Ice-structure interactions

Claude Daley: Ship structures, ship-ice interaction, ice class design, Arctic ocean engineering, ice operations simulation, design/regulation and rule development

David Molyneux: Performance of ships and offshore structures in ice, safety of ships and offshore structures

Lorenzo Moro: Ship structures, ship structural dynamics, ship noise and vibration

Heather Peng: Marine/ship hydrodynamics, development and application of marine hydrodynamics to ship and offshore structure design

Wei Qiu: Ship/offshore hydrodynamics, wave/body interaction, seakeeping, marine propulsion and CFD for marine applications

Bruce Quinton: Accidental loads on hull structures, ice loads on hull structures, strain-rate and temperature dependent effects on the marine materials, simulation of Arctic offshore engineering structures and scenarios

Brian Veitch: Offshore and marine safety and marine propellers and propulsion

Dan Walker: Ship performance, underwater vehicles, small craft performance and offshore engineering


Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering

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