Information Management and Protection (IM&P) provides a variety of resources that have been referenced throughout this website and are available for use.  This page is the central location where you can find all of the resources created to date.  These resources have been divided into three categories:

  • For The Record – Quick-tip sheets that provide general guidance on information management and protection topics.

  • Tools – Templates, assessments, worksheets and classification/retention plans available for immediate download and use. Contact IM&P for assistance in using these tools.

  • Awareness Materials – Posters that can be printed and posted throughout your workplace to promote information management and protection best practices.

For The Record

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  • MUNCLASS – Model classification and retention plan for the management of university records

  • Records Destruction Form - Form to authorize records destroyed pursuant to MUNCLASS RDS.
  • Cloud Services Assessment – A risk-based approach to assessing cloud providers from an information management, protection, and privacy perspective. This tool should be used in consultation with IM&P.

  • Information Risk Assessment – A risk-based approach to assessing an information asset from a confidentiality, integrity and availability perspective to determine appropriate controls. This tool should be used in consultation with IM&P.

  • Vulnerability Assessment - A risk-based approach in which a series of manual and automated processes and procedures are used to assess and prioritize security vulnerabilities in a system (i.e. application and/or infrastructure). This tool should be used in consultation with IM&P.

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Awareness materials

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