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Say hello to exclusive savings on car and home insurance through belairdirect.

You need great coverage that can keep up with your schedule. Luckily, our exclusive partner, belairdirect, has got you covered. 

We’ve teamed up with them to score special deals on insurance that’s tailored just for you, as an alumni of Memorial University of Newfoundland, including Grenfell campus and Marine Institute. belairdirect helps simplify insurance for you, to make your life easier. You’ll also enjoy enhanced home coverage and the option for great car insurance add-ons with their Affinity Plus endorsement. Plus, a suite of helpful digital tools that make managing your insurance a breeze!

More than just a policy. When you get insurance through belairdirect you’re also supporting Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Get your quote today with group ID code MUONA.

Visit or call 1-833-887-4626



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Travel Insurance

Make travelling simple with one annual insurance plan: MEDOC® Travel Insurance. So even for those last-minute getaways, you’ll already have one thing packed and ready to go.

The more you invest in a trip, the more important insurance becomes. With MEDOC® Travel Insurance, you have peace of mind if your trip takes a little detour. Consider it a safety blanket, knowing that you have someone with experience looking after you, even in situations you may not have planned for. So, in the event of flight delays or lost baggage—it’s nice to know that you’re in good hands, especially abroad.

Memorial University alumni can access group rates on Medoc® Travel Insurance. Contact our affinity partner, Johnson Insurance, for more information.