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North Atlantic

North Atlantic

Paul Gilroy offers the "Black Atlantic," Lloyd and O'Neill offer the "Green Atlantic," and Kate Flint adds "Red" into the mix of the burgeoning field of Transatlantic studies. The English Department at Memorial is becoming a research hub for the study of North Atlantic literatures. Broadly conceived within a geo-political and temporal frame, this cluster focuses on the English-speaking cultures of the historical and contemporary North Atlantic. We are particularly concerned with cultural interconnections, intersections, and interchanges from the Vikings to the 21st century.

Faculty Working in this Area

Caitlin Charman

Bradley Clissold

Danine Farquharson

Robert Finley

Valerie Legge

Jennifer Lokash

Andrew Loman

Denyse Lynde

Larry Mathews

Robert Ormsby

Fiona Polack

William Schipper