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Memorial University promotes and values research excellence for its contribution to the advancement of knowledge, to the professional and personal development of students and researchers, and to the well-being of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and the world.

The English Department

The English Department is an active and large department with 28 full-time faculty members. The Department has strengths in all areas of British, Canadian, Irish, and American literature, from the Medieval period to the present. Studies of theory and visual or multimodal narratives are also active components of our research community. In addition, creative writing by dramatists, essayists, novelists, poets, and short fiction writers comprises integral research in the Department.

The Department's research clusters represent particular areas of research and list the specific strengths of individual scholars who work in the field. The diversity of research interests among faculty members fosters a particularly engaging research environment for all members of the Department, from faculty to students.

Research is at the heart of the English Department. Apart from being home to several journals -- international, graduate, and undergraduate journals, both literary and theoretical -- a number of faculty members have received prestigious awards and both national and international recognition for their research activities. The impressive scholars and writers from Canada and abroad who make extended research visits here also contribute to our vibrant community.

Our research divides into the following nine broad areas:



Colonial and Postcolonial


Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Medieval and Early Modern

Newfoundland and Labrador

North Atlantic

Studies of Visual Narrative