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Walsh, Donna BA, MA (Wyoming). Associate Professor.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Other Speculative Literatures, Twentieth Century American Literature.

Office: AA 3026
Telephone: 864-8277

Regular Faculty

Ayers, Peter MA, PhD (Toronto). Associate Professor.

Renaissance Drama, Modern Drama, Post-Colonial Literature.

Office: AA2048
Telephone: 864-4499

Balisch, L. Faith BA (King's), BEd (Dalhousie), MA, PhD (Memorial). Associate Professor.

19th Century Canadian Literature, Modern Canadian Fiction, Canadian Humour.

Office: AA3040
Telephone: 864-8053


Charman, Caitlin BA (Hons) ( St. Francis Xavier University), MA, PhD (Queen's University). Assistant Professor

Newfoundland Literature, Atlantic-Canadian Literature, and Canadian Literature.

Office: A 3001
Telephone: 864-8290

Clissold, Bradley BA (York), MA, PhD (McGill). Associate Professor.

Modern British Literature, Film Studies

Office: AA3041
Telephone: 864-8276

Cumming, Mark BA (Hons) (Wilfrid Laurier), MA, PhD (Western Ontario). Professor.

Nineteenth-Century British and American Literature. Editor of The Carlyle Encyclopedia

Office: AA3009
Telephone: 864-8289

Dalton, Mary BA (Hons) (Toronto), MA (Memorial). Professor.

Anglo-Irish Poetry, Canadian Poetry, Newfoundland Literature, the Dialogue Novel, Samuel Beckett, I. Compton- Burnett. Creative Writing (Poetry).

Office: AA 3029
Telephone: 864-8043

Farquharson, Danine BA (Alberta), MA, PhD (Memorial). Associate Professor.

Irish Literature, Critical Theory (Postcolonialism, Feminism, Cultural Studies).

Office: AA3038
Telephone: 864-2448

Finley, Robert BA (Dalhousie), MA, PhD (Toronto). Associate Professor.

Creative Writing, Poetry, Caribbean Literature, Travel Narratives, Children's Literature.

Office: AA3024
Telephone: 864-8052

Golfman, Noreen BA (Alberta), MA, PhD (Western Ontario). Professor. Dean of Graduate Studies.

Canadian Literature, Film Studies, Women's Literature, Critical Theory.

Office: IIC2012
Telephone: 864-2478
Link to MUN Cinema Series
Link to Dr. Golfman's film course and its most recent schedule

Ingersoll, Susan BA (Mount Allison), MA (Memorial). Associate Professor.

Canadian Literature, Modern Canadian Poetry.
Poetry editor, TickleAce (1991- ).

Office: AA3032
Telephone: 864-8058

Juhász-Ormsby, Ágnes BA (Eötvös Loránd, Budapest), MA (CEU, Budapest), Ph.D.(Eötvös Loránd, Budapest). Assistant Professor.

English Renaissance Poetry and Prose, English Renaissance Drama, Book History and Print Culture, Neo-Latin Literature.

Office: AA3012
Phone: 864-6899

Legge, Valerie BA, BEd, MA, PhD (Memorial). Professor.

Canadian Literature, Women's Literature, Critical Theory.

Office: AA3023
Telephone: 864-8592

Lockett, Christopher BA (York), MA (Toronto), PhD (Western). Associate Professor.

Twentieth Century American Literature, Postmodernism, Film and Popular Culture.

Office: AA3044
Telephone: 864-7699

Lokash, Jennifer BA, PhD (McGill). Associate Professor.

British Romantic Literature, Literature and Environment, Literature and Medicine

Office: AA3007
Telephone: 864-8298

Loman, Andrew BA (Victoria), MA, PhD (Queen's). Associate Professor.

Nineteenth Century American Literature, Urban Literature, Children's Literature, Pre-Marxian Socialism.

Office: AA3036
Telephone: 864-8293

Lynde, Denyse MA, PhD (Toronto). Professor.

Canadian Drama and Theatre History, Irish Drama, Feminist Drama, Contemporary Newfoundland Drama.

Office: AA2047
Telephone: 864-3201

Mathews, Lawrence MA (Carleton), PhD (British Columbia). Professor.

Canadian Literature.

Office: AA3004
Telephone: 864-8049

Nichol, Donald W. BA, MA (Carleton), PhD (Edinburgh). Professor.

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature, Pope, Editing, and Publishing, Scottish Literature, Twentieth-Century British Literature (esp. Burgess), History of Copyright, Satire, Film.

Office: AA3013
Telephone: 864-8064

Ormsby, Robert BA (Toronto), MA (Birmingham), PhD (Toronto). Assistant Professor.

Shakespeare, Shakespeare in Performance, Theatre History

Office: A3011
Phone: 864-8275

Pedri, Nancy BA (Windsor), MA, PhD (Toronto). Associate Professor.

Contemporary Literature, Literary Theory, Word and Image Relations.

Office: AA3042
Telephone: 864-8067

Polack, Fiona BA, PhD (Tasmania). Associate Professor.

Post-Colonial Literature, Autobiography, Comparative Australian-Canadian Literature, Island Studies.

Office: AA3006
Telephone: 864-8055

Schipper, William MA (Windsor), PhD (Queen's). Professor.

Old English language Literature, Middle English Literature, Manuscript Studies, Medieval Latin, Medieval Encyclopedias, Rabanus Maurus.

Office: AA3027C
Telephone: 864-4406

Schrank, Bernice BA (CUNY), MA, PhD (Wisconsin). Professor.

Anglo-Irish Literature, Modern Drama, Twentieth-Century American Novel.

Office: AA3005
Telephone: 864-6942

Skidmore, Jamie BAH (Queens), MA, PhD (Toronto), Radio and Television Broadcasting Diploma (Algonquin). Associate Professor.

Theatre Design, Technical Theatre, Modern Drama, Theatre History, Canadian Drama, Circus, and Clowns.

Office: AA3027B
Telephone: 864-8404

Staveley, Annette BA (Hons) (Reading), MA, PhD (Memorial). Professor.

Nineteenth and Twentieth Century British Literature, Comedy, Gender and Comedy, Shakespeare.

Office: AA3008
Telephone: 864-8279

Walsh, Donna BA, MA (Wyoming). Associate Professor.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Other Speculative Literatures, Twentieth Century American Literature.

Office: AA 3026
Telephone: 864-8277