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Booking tests and exams


One of the key services the Blundon Centre provides is academic accommodations when students write tests and exams. During the 2005-2006 academic year, for example, the Centre accommodated approximately 1,700 tests and exams.

Procedure for booking tests and exams at the Blundon Centre:

  1. the student contacts the Blundon Centre at least two weeks before a semester test and one month before a final exam to arrange testing accommodations
  2. staff at the Centre prepare the Request for Testing Accommodation at the Blundon Centre Form for each test/exam
  3. the student signs the form and then brings it to their professor to have Section 2 completed. This section has space for professors to add any special instructions (e.g., if calculators or notes are permitted, a number where they may be reached during the exam, etc.). When the professor has completed this section, they should sign the form and keep the yellow copy for themselves
  4. the student returns the white copy of the form to the Blundon Centre a week before the test/exam is scheduled to be written and keeps the pink copy for themselves

Information for facuty members:

If a professor has any questions regarding the above process, he/she is encouraged to contact the Blundon Centre and/or refer to the For faculty section of this website.