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Important dates

The following are a list of important dates for the Spring, Intersession, and Summer semesters.

Note: These dates apply primarily to the St. John's campus.

May 9 Lectures begin, Intersession and 14-week Spring semester
May 24,25,26, 27 Annual Spring Convocation, St. John's
June 17 Lectures end, Intersession
June 20

Exams begin, Intersession
Semester break begins, Spring semester

June 22 Exams end, Intersession
June 23 Lectures resume, 14-week Spring semester
June 27 Lectures begin, Summer session
July 1 Memorial Day holiday. No lectures.
August 5 Lectures end, 14-week Spring semester
August 6 Lectures end, Summer session
August 8 Exams begin, 14-week Spring semester and Summer session
August 10 Exams end, Summer session
August 13 Exams end, 14-week Spring semester

For more information on other important dates, (e.g., drop/add dates), refer to the University Diary for the Academic Year 2010-20101.