Note taking assistance


Volunteer Note Takers

If you have difficulty taking notes because of your disability or as a result of a temporary illness or injury, you may wish to make arrangements with a classmate to be a volunteer note taker. Students who use an interpreter or those who speech read usually require a note taker, because they cannot effectively look at the interpreter and write at the same time. Carbon note paper is available at the Blundon Centre. Advise your note takers if you know you will be absent from class for medical reasons. If requested, professors are encouraged to help a student locate a volunteer note taker in their class. Students should discuss with their professors how they wish to handle this matter.?

Tape Recording Lectures

If tape recording lectures would be beneficial to you, ask your professors for permission before beginning to tape. Professors are encouraged to give their permission.

For information about borrowing tape recorders and other audio/visual equipment, contact the Centre for Audio Visual Education (CAVE), Faculty of Education, (709) 737-7552. The Blundon Centre has a limited number of mini-tape recorders available for short-term loan.


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