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MUN DISC Student Society


Memorial University of Newfoundland Disability Information Support Centre (MUN DISC) is a centre which is operated by students for students (with and without disabilities). It is organized under the Memorial University of Newfoundland Students' Union. 

Some of the services MUN DISC offers include:

  • peer-on-peer counselling
  • guidance and literature to students in order to educate them about the challenges they may face while attending Memorial University
  • a social network and an opportunity to interact with other organizations and groups on campus
  • access to Internet-ready computer, printer (at minimum cost), telephone, microwave, beverages, etc.
  • many more services are available (e.g., scholarship and bursary information)

For further information, visit the MUNDISC office in the Smallwood (University) Centre, Room 6007. 

Telephone: 737-7993
Fax:           737-4000