FM device (for students who are hard of hearing)

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Many people who are hard of hearing experience problems with noise to distance ratio, echo, reverberation, and background noise. The most frequently used amplification system in post secondary settings is the FM system, which reduces these interruptions.

The system commonly used at Memorial consists of two small parts, a small microphone and FM transmitter worn by the speaker (instructor), while the student utilizes direct auditory input boots, a neck loop or small earphone and FM receiver. It provides direct wireless transmission of the speaker's voice from a microphone-FM transmitter to a student-worn FM receiver. The speaker's voice is amplified only to the student wearing the FM receiver, and the?speaker has the freedom to move around without restrictive cords. The instructor's voice is received by the microphone which is attached to the instructor's lapel, approximately 4-6 inches from his/her mouth. When the instructor speaks, his/her voice will be transmitted directly into the hearing aid of the student and it will sound as if the instructor is no more than 4-6 inches from the student. This system is not a recording device, and it does not interfere with a microphone (or vice versa).

If the speaker is having a private conversation, he or she should TURN OFF the FM transmitter, as the student wearing the FM receiver will be able to hear them - probably even if the speaker is in another room or on another floor.

The student will bring the FM transmitter to the instructor at the beginning of each class and collect it at the end of each class.

Upon request, the Blundon Centre can show instructors how to use the FM device and provide information and resources for teaching students with a hearing loss (e.g., any recommended testing accommodations, communication strategies, etc.). For assistance or to request more information, contact the Blundon Centre.


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