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Words with dignity

The following terms are suggested to describe persons with disabilites:

Instead of...                                   Use...

Disabled, handicapped, crippled Person with a disability, people with disabilities
Crippled by, afflicted with, suffering from, deformed Person who has...or, Person with...
Lame Person who has a mobility impairment 
Confined, bound, restricted to a wheelchair  Person who uses a wheelchair 
Deaf and dumb, deaf mute, hearing impaired  Person who is Deaf, ...hard of hearing 
Retarded, mentally retarded  Person with an intellectual disability
Spastic (as a noun)  Person with Cerebral Palsy
Physically challenged  Person with a physical disability
Mental patient, mentally ill, mental, insane  Person who has a mental illness, schizophrenia
Learning disabled, learning difficulty  Person with a learning disability
Visually impaired (as a collective noun), blind  People who have a visual impairment
Disabled sport           Sport for athletes with disabilities
Disabled community Disabilty community 

Compiled from:

Active Living Alliance For Canadians With A Disability