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South of Prince Philip Drive, Education Building to the west, north of Physical Education Building.
Area 17 (3 w/c spaces), Area 18 (2 w/c spaces), meter parking near Area 17 and part of Area 18.
Study areas:
Study area on each level; half levels in the Reading Room are not accessible; locked study cubicles, single, group and special study rooms.
Outside entrance:
Level 1: accessible at ground level from north entrance to tunnel (from parking Area 18). Level 2: accessible at south (main) entrance at ground level.
Proximity to lounges, refreshments:
Closest cafeteria: University Centre (accessible via ground level pedestrian walkway); Level 3: comfortable open seating overlooking main entrance to the library.
Skywalk/tunnel access:
Steep ramp runs directly into the tunnels, handrails are available. Elevator access from tunnel near Room L-1013.
Access to all levels.
Level 1: four accessible (2 staff); Levels 2, 3, 4, 5: two accessible on each level.
Six on main level near front entrance (all have volume control, 4 lowered), 2 near tunnel entrance (no access features). A payphone TTY is available at the main entrance.
Lecture, classroom areas:
Level 1: conference rooms are accessible.
Remarks, hints:
Ergonomic furniture and adaptive technology is available in Room L-2001 (e.g., Closed Circuit Television {CCTV} with 20" monitor; microcomputer with ZoomText, JAWS, etc.). Also available is a Braille dictionary, tape recorder, and space for personal Braille machines. Request key at the Circulation Desk.
Ergonomic furniture and a wheelchair-accessible workstation with adaptive technology (e.g., Spark-Space Learner, Kurzweil 3000, JAWS, etc.) is available at The Commons.

The Media and Data Centre, Room L-1005, has cassette players and earphones available. For library materials on audiocassette, contact the Media and Data Centre (Room L-1005) or Interlibrary Loans (Room L-2027C).

Other services include retrieval of materials from book stacks and photocopying assistance (check at the Circulation Desk). To request the use of designated study areas call (709) 737-7423.

Emergency exit with alarm accessible from Level 1 (emergency use only); other emergency exits with alarms are not accessible because they are at base of stairwells.

Easy access to University Centre via ground level enclosed pedestrian walkway.